Erection, Testing, Calibration & Commissioning of Process Control Intrumentation

Commissioning of Process Control Instrumentation &Electrical work.

Calibration Testing of Instruments

A-Z Instrument services owns various range of latest certified master test and calibration equipments. We offer on site & off site services of calibrations of almost all kind of Field instruments all across India. We also have the ability to hire / deliver and operate test and calibration equipment as required. We have set up of fully equipped laboratory at our Vadodara office.

We are providing calibration testing services in our Lab as well as at Plant site for Process Control Instruments as per following:

All type of Pressure measuring Instruments Like:
• Pressure Gauges, Diff.Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, I/P Convertor
• Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter

All type Temperature Instruments Like:
• Temperature Indicator and Controller Digital/Analog, RTD/Thermocouple
sensors, Temp.Gauge, Temp. Switch, Temperature Transmitter,
Temperature Recorder.
• Control Valves, Solenoid operated on-off valves
• Level Transmitter- Ultrasonic, Radar & Displacer type
• PH/ORP Indicators/Transmitters, Conductivity transmitters

Calibration testing of Master test equipments like:
• Loop calibrators( 'mV/mA),
• Digital Multimeters
• Universal calibrators,
• Pressure calibrators,
• Temp calibrators,
• Decade resistance box
• Dead Weight Testers.

Turnkey Instrumentation / Automation Solution

For Pneumatic, Electronic & Microprocessor based Monitoring, Controlling and AutomationSystems including PLCS & DCS System.

We Supply All Kinds of Process Instruments and Hardware Materials

  • Field Instruments like PT, DPT, TT, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Gauges etc.
  • Cable Trays
  • S.S. Tubes & Pipes
  • Valves & Tube Fittings
  • Air Manifold & Condensate Pots
  • Cables
  • Junction Boxes & Cable Glands.

Design and Detail Engineering.

Thermo graphic Inspection for Mechanical, Electrical & Process equipment.

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